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Hey Everyone! If you don’t know me, Let’s change that! My name is Kyle Lowy, I’m 27 years old living in Northern California, originally from Chicago, IL. When I was 25, back during the first round of Covid quarantine, I spent over 90+ hours learning from stock “gurus”, YouTube videos, DVDs, CDs, everything! You name it. And not to mention spending over $10,000+ in softwares/products that I soon realized I didn’t even need!! Since I have started in the stock market, (these are rough numbers for you) I have taken my Robinhood account from $5,000 to $20,000+ within a short timeframe, and I have taken my Charles Schwab account from roughly $10,000 to $70,000+ in about a 8-10 month timeframe. Obviously these results will vary from trader to trader and how the market is acting, but my goal is to help you become an independent trader:)

I am telling you all of this not to gloat, but to let you know it doesn’t matter how much money you start with. It is about learning the market; which includes technical and fundamental analysis, and understanding what makes a stock go up and down!

I want to help you shorten your learning curve and not make the same mistakes I did! Rather than you spending 100+ hours self-teaching yourself. Let me help you! My prices are more than fair considering what a lot of other “gurus” are offering.

I want to make it clear that I am in no way a “guru” or a financial advisor telling you what you should or shouldn’t do with your money, but what I can do is teach you what I know and what you will need to know about the stock market in depth.

Let’s work together, let’s find out what kind of trader you are, help you become self-sufficient in the marketplace, possibly get rid of your 9-5 job, and turn you into a full-time trader!

1 on 1 Services

*BRONZE 1000

$1,000 for 10 sessions
– 1 hour per lesson.
– Example trades I’m currently looking at.
– Beginner Technical/Fundamental analysis
– Full access to me via telegram for any questions.

*SILVER 2000

$2,000 flat for 20 sessions
– 1 hour per lesson.
– Example trades I’m currently watching.
– Intermediate Technical/Fundamental analysis
– Entry Level 1 Options

*GOLD 3000

$3,000 = 25 Private lessons – 1Hr/Lesson
-Everything that I have learned within the last 2 years. You will gain in-depth knowledge on how I choose stocks.

– Advanced Technical vs fundamental analysis.
Level 2 Options
– Full access to me via telegram for any questions.
– Creating your trading plan.



$5,000 = 50 Private Lessons 1Hr/Lesson
– 50 1 on 1 lessons
– Day-trading, Swing-trading, penny stocks, options, etc.
– Advanced Options
– Indicator/Chart analysis setup
– Money Mindset
– Full access to me via telegram for any questions.

FYI *GOLD 3000 & *PLATINUM 5000
-Includes exactly what I look for in a stock, how I look for it, technical analysis, fundamental analysis.
-Necessary terminology, and help you become self-sufficient in the marketplace.

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Kyle leads and teaches from a place of passion and authenticity. He was incredibly patient with me while I would ask questions and try to get clarification. He never rushed, and always made sure I had a clear understanding before moving on. I am so confident now when I look at charts and market structure, that I am able to successfully trade independently. By far one of the best investments I made in my trading journey was having Kyle as a coach/mentor. I am beyond grateful!

Marcella G.

Kyle bro!!! All I gotta say is thank you my man! I made over $10K off 3 of your stock picks! You’ve honestly given me so many stock picks that I regret not taking… Won’t doubt you ever again my guy!! thank you again!

Gabe G.

Wanted to give a quick shoutout to KYLE LOWY! I started getting into investing and the market just about a year ago and with your help, I have been able to expand my knowledge and grow my wealth! I talk to you damn near everyday about something whether its stocks or other investments and I absolutely love it!! I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in my first year so far and can’t wait to keep growing! The gains have been nothing short of great so far and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Drew K.

Kyle helped teach me the fundamentals of day trading in only 3 days! Excellent teacher, super responsive, and very transparent about what to expect!

Drew J.

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