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Hey Everyone! If you don’t know me, Let’s change that! My name is Kyle Lowy, I’m 25 years old living in Northern California, originally from Chicago, IL. During the first round of Covid quarantine, I spent over 90+ hours learning from stock gurus, YouTube videos, DVDs, CDs, everything! You name it. And not to mention spending over $10,000 in softwares/products that I soon realized I didn’t even need!!! Since I have started in the stock market, (these are rough numbers for you) I have taken my Robinhood account from $5,000 to $20,000. I have taken my Charles Schwab account from roughly $13,000 to $70,000. I have just opened an E-trade account with $1,000 which is now sitting around $7,000.

I am telling you all of this not to gloat, but to let you know it doesn’t matter how much money you start with, it is about learning the market, technical analysis, and understanding what makes a stock go up and down! I want to help you shorten your learning curve and not make the same mistakes I did! Rather than you spending 100+ hours self-teaching yourself. Let me help you! My prices are more than fair considering what a lot of other “gurus” are offering. I want to make it clear that I am in no way a “guru” or a financial advisor telling you what you should or shouldn’t do with your money, but what I can do is teach you what I know and what you may want to know about the stock market in depth. Let’s work together, let’s find out what kind of trader you are, and help you become self sufficient in the marketplace, possibly turning you into a full time trader!

Services I Offer

$100 access to my stock picks

Join my telegram group to see what I am trading live!

$250/month = access to a live zoom 1x/week. (3x/month)

1 hour of my time, my thoughts of where the market is at, what trades Im looking at for that week, and any questions regarding stocks in general. Possible guest appearances.

$500/month = 1 on 1 access to me for anything related stocks from Market Close(1:00pm) to 3:00pm PST

So that would equal to 2 hours a day for a whole month, at most if needed.

$3,000 = 25 sessions with me 1 on 1 training (1 hour per session)

$5,000 = 50 sessions with me 1 on 1 (1 hour per session)

These bigger packages will include exactly what I look for in a stock, how I look for it, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, run through all of the terminology you need to know, and make sure you get to the level of knowledge I am at. This is an individual program not a group program so you will get 1on1 meetings with me. We’ll work with each other to find a good time to meet per day/week/month.

Contact me to purchase these tiers.

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